Teaching provides me with a chance to guide the minds of the citizens and researchers of tomorrow while I myself learn from the doubts and questions they raise. As a result, I truly enjoy it. I am still in the formative years of my own teaching career, and have tried to be very conscientious in my effort to learn how best to teach. In doing so, I have tried to pay attention to my mistakes and learn from them.


Currently Teaching (Fall 2020)

I am on research leave in Fall 2020.


Courses Taught

University of Delaware [2003 - 2009]


Workshops & Other Presentations




  • Notes on writing papers (handout)
  • Notes on reading and presenting papers (handout)
  • A very brief look at how to use MS Word effectively (handout)
  • A very brief look at how to use the reference/citation management software - Mendeley (handout)
  • A short introduction to LaTeX (handout, bib file)